President of Jamiyatu Ulama Australia


2023 AFIC Annual Grand Iftar Speech
2022 Are you Just a Boss or are you a Genuine Leader
2022 Eating in Ramadan
2022 Internationational Women's Day
2022 Imam Darwin school opening speech
2021 Islamaphobia
2021 Australian Federation of Islamic Council speech
2021 From the Cradel to the Grave AIIC Graduation speech
2021 Islamic Leadership
2021 The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan Diaspora Muslims
2021 Prayers for Catholic University Forum
2021 APNA Speech at the American College Of Brisbane
2021 Islamic School In Darwin Campus Launch
2021 Commemoration of the Ashura in the West
2020 Fiqh Al Awlawiyyat
2020 Reflections on the Effect of Corona Pandemic
2020 If you hear of a Plague
2019 Respecting the Rights of Others Imam's speech
2019 Christchurch Mosque Victims
2018 Organ Transplantation and Organ Donations
2011 Uniqueness of Al Quran
2011 Who Have Departed Ramadhan or Us
2010 The Ideal Example For All
2009 Muslim brotherhood and unity in Islam
2008 Champion of Cultural Cohesion from the Australian people
2007 The Struggle Between Leading & Following
2004 Masjid Madrasas & Educational Institutions
2000 Multifaith Lecture
2000 Spirit of Sacrifice
1993 The concept of the Ummah in Islam