President of Jamiyatu Ulama Australia


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Registered Marriage Celebrant and Minister of Religion with Commonwealth of Australia

The President of Jamiyatu Ulama Australia His Eminence Mufti of Australia Abdul Quddoos Al-Azhari has been performing marriages for over 25 years.
The marriages have been performed all over Australia.

Justice of the Peace

This service is provided to everyone not just to the Muslim community.

Janazah (Islamic burial)

Janazah prayers are also one of the services provided for the Muslim community. Guidelines and procedures are provided for the family members and friends to ensure them and their loved ones are properly prepared for the Janazah and the process that takes place before, during and after burial.

Counselling and social Work

Counselling is provided for everyone regardless of what the issues are at hand. All areas of concern can be addressed, as confidentiality is a top priority.

Religious services and events

His Eminence Sheikh Abdul Quddoos Al Azhari is a Co-Founder and member of the Multi Faith Forum of Australia and Co-Founder of Multi Faith Centre of Brisbane at Griffith University

He conducts religious seminars and talks at both Muslim and Non-Muslim programs

Delivers special religious instruction

He has the ability to liaise with community service organisations, government agencies, hospitals, and special programs