President of Jamiyatu Ulama Australia

President of Jamiyatu Ulama Australia His Eminence Mufti of Australia Abdul Quddoos Al Azhari

His Eminence Mufti of Australia Abdul Quddoos Al-Azhari is an international educational entrepreneur, with more than 40+ years of experience, particularly in the Australian education system.

A visionary Islamic scholar who firmly believes that the Muslim community can live in harmony with the wider community and contribute towards Australian economic growth and progress.

He is a well-known and accomplished leader for his activities towards progressive inter-cultural dialogue and exchange. Fluent in English, Hindi, Arabic, Urdu and Tamil languages.


The founder of the Australian International Islamic College (AIIC) which is a registered school with the Queensland and Australian Government. AIIC is a member of the Association of Independent Schools Queensland offering kindergarten to year 12, with high school boarding facilities to help prepare students to integrate into the Australian university system. AIIC provides a very high standard of education in a safe and caring environment.

A graduate of Al-Azhar University in Egypt and holds an Australian Graduate Diploma in Education from Northern Territory University, DARWIN, AUSTRALIA, He also holds an ESL Degree from Massey University in New Zealand, and is a Justice of Peace (Qualified) a registered and authorized Marriage Celebrant.

Lord Mayoral delegation from Brisbane with Lord Mayor Graham Quirk in Shanghai 2013

Delegation with Tun Mahathir Bin Mohammed – Malaysian Prime Minister

The President of Jamiyatu Ulama Australia His Eminence Mufti of Australia Abdul Quddoos Al-Azhari

His Eminence Sheikh Abdul Quddoos Al Azhari met and greeted our strong supporter of the Multicultural Community – The Vice-Chancellor of Charles Darwin University Prof Scott Bowman AO (Order of Australia) as a matter of courtesy and planning forward to benefit the Top End Islamic Communities and Beyond. 2022

Other founding achievements;

  • Islamic Education Academy Sabeto, Fiji Island
  • Al Qalam Group of Institutions, Chennai India
  • Darul Uloom Chennai Academy of India
  • Darul Uloom Islamic Academy of Brisbane,
  • Co-Founder of Multi Faith Centre, Griffith University, QLD
  • Permanent member of Multi Faith Forum Queensland
  • Founding Member and Chaplain of University of Queensland – Thanks Giving Ceremony – Anatomy Department, Queensland.
  • Council of Eminence Scholars and EXPERT – Australian National Sharia Advisory Board (ANSAB) for Australian Federation of Islamic Councils. (AFIC)

He has been awarded the Australian Centenary Medal by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of Australia and Honourable John Howard, Prime Minster of Australia for his contribution to Multicultural and Multifaith Advancement in Australia.

Tun Dato’ Sri Haji Abdullah bin Haji Ahmad Badawi Prime Minister of Malaysia 2002

The Honourable Peter Beattie – Premier of Queensland 2002


1990 Graduate Diploma in Education from Northern Territory University, Darwin Australia

1986 Advanced English from Darwin Institute of Technology.

1983 Certificate in E.S.L. Teaching English as a Second Language from Massey University – New Zealand.

1977 Master of Art in History, Culture and Civilisation from Al Azhar University, Cairo – Egypt (2 years of Master Course completed) Thesis Topic: Muslims in India

1975 Master of Arts in Arabic and Islamic Studies from Darul Uloom University, Deoban, Delhi – India

1974 Bachelor of Arts in Arabic Studies, Bakiyathus Salilath Arabic College, Vellore N.A.Dt

Other Qualifications

Hafiz Al Quran – Committed entire Quran to memory

Alim Fazil – Specialist in Islamic Law and Theology.

Work Experience

2005-2015 Founder & Administrator of Australian International Islamic College – Durack

2002-2005 Founder & Principal of Brisbane Muslim School – Brisbane

1994-2002 Principal of Darul Uloom Academy of Brisbane – Brisbane

1991-1994 Imam, Arabic and Islamic Studies Teacher for Islamic Society of QLD. Holland Park. QLD

1983-1991 Imam, Arabic and Islamic Studies Teacher for Islamic Society of Northern Territory, Darwin

1982-1983 Co-ordination work for Islamic Dawa with Pusat Islam, Kualal Lumpur- Malaysia

1977-1982 Imam, Director of Education, Arabic and Islamic Studies Teacher for Fiji Muslim League at Sabeto Centre, Nadi – Fiji Islands

Lord Mayor Graham Quirk Delegation to Hyderabad


  • Islamic Textbook for Children – English/Arabic
  • Indian Muslim History – English/Arabic
  • Prophet Mohammed – Urdu/English
  • Ramadhan – Urdu/English
  • Pilgrima to the House of Allah – Al-Haj – English
  • Introduction to Islam – English
  • Learn to Speak Arabic in 15 Easy Lessons – English
  • Learn to Read Al Quran in 15 Easy Lessons – English
  • Learn to Read Quran – Part 1 – English/Arabic
  • Learn to Read Quran – Part 2 – English/Arabic
  • Learn to Read Quran – Part 3 – English/Arabic
  • Compilation of Khutbahs, Speeches – 4 Volumns – English
  • Learn more about your Deen Part 1 – English
  • Learn more about your Deen Part 2 – English
  • Aqeedah and Fiqh for Children – English
  • Monuments and Heritage – English
  • Quran and Sunnah for Children – English
  • Islamic Contribution to Human Civilisation – English

Multi Faith Forum with Clergy and Religious Leaders in Brisbane

The Prime Minister of Australia – The Honourable Kevin Rudd 2007

Papers Presented to Conferences and Seminars

  • Ethnic Pakistanis in Australia – English
  • Ethnic Sri Lankans in Australia – English
  • Early Settlements in the Northern Territory – English
  • Australian Muslim History – Arabic
  • Fiji Muslim History – Arabic
  • Australian Natives and Christian Missionaries – English
  • Australian Muslim History – English

Articles in Magazines

Including approximately fifty articles for various journals and magazines such as, Nida-e-Muslim Fiji, Azan Darwin, Crescent Brisbane, Australia etc.

Mr Indra Hassan special envoy for Indonesian President Joko Widodo 2014

The Honourable Lord Mayor Graham Quirk Year 12 Graduation 2016

Lord Mayor of Gold Coast the Honourable Tom Tate 2012

Community Activities

  • Social Work and Counselling
  • Youth Training Camp Organisation
  • Organisation of Short Term Study Courses
  • Preparing and Delivering of Lectures and Sermons for Various Occasions

Social Activities

  • Registered Marriage Celebrant and Minister of Religion with Commonwealth of Australia
  • Commissioner for Declarations with Queensland Government. / Justice of Peace
  • Australian Medal to commemorate the Centenary of Federation of Australia from Prime Minister The Honourable John Howard.
  • Co-Founder of Multi Faith Forum of Australia
  • Co-Founder of Multi Faith Centre of Brisbane at Griffith University
  • Co-Founder of Annual Thanksgiving Foundation for Anatomy at University of Queensland.

Minister for Education The Honourable John Paul Langbroek Opening of the Gold Coast Campus Multi Purpose Hall 2012


After his graduation from Al Azhar University, he was appointed as the representative of World Islamic Call Society. (WICS) by the Libyan Government in Fiji and South Pacific.

Achievements in Fiji

The first Islamic Academy of South Pacific was established in Nadi Fiji with the collaboration of the Fiji Muslim League where more than 40 children had been admitted and educated. For five years, they completed secondary education. All of them graduated and enrolled in Al Azhar University in Cairo, Mohamed Bin Saud in Riyadh and many other Universities and colleges. Upon completing their tertiary education, many of them returned to serve in Fiji. Some have migrated to Canada, America, Australia and New Zealand serving their respective communities.

Achievements in Australia

Imam Abdul Quddoos spent more than 10 years in Darwin and Northern Territory organising the Muslim communities in the Northern part of Australia and played a very important role in establishing Mosques, Madrasas and Maktaabs in various isolated parts of Northern and Central Australia, including Rockhampton, Bundaberg, MacKay, Townsville’s, Cairns, Mareeba, Kalangary, Mt Isa, Julia creek and Alice Springs.

With the help of local communities, we managed to build mosques, madrasas and the Afghan mosque in Alice Springs was an achievement.

Dr Grant Watson. Executive Director of Block Grant Authority 2014

Premier of NSW The Honourable Mr Bob Carr 2003

Achievements in Brisbane

  • Imam Abdul Quddoos worked with the Islamic Community in Brisbane as the Imam of Brisbane mosque at Holland Park.
  • He was the coordinator of Religious Education (RE) with the Education Department of Queensland, sending volunteers to State schools to conduct religious classes.
  • Imam then went to establish his own academy. Islamic Academy of Brisbane.
  • Darul Uloom Islamic Academy of Brisbane – After purchasing a Ukrainian Baptist church Imam converted it into an Islamic Academy, Tarbiyah and Taleem Centre in 1994. For 20 years Darul Uloom provided Taleem and Tarbiyah for Muslim children. More than 10000 Muslim children and adults learnt to read Al Quran Al Kareem.
  • More than 120 Australians embraced Islam and a big number of Muslim families have been counselled and guarded through the marriage counselling.
  • Five hundred Muslim marriages have been conducted.
  • Darul Uloom organised hospital visitors to visit patients.
  • Darul Uloom also provided shelter for Muslim Refugees coming into Australia from their war torn homelands. These and other services are continuing. Due to this demand of accommodation for Muslim students, Darul Uloom purchased six multiple dwellings and established a student accommodation Hostel.
  • Brisbane Muslim School was established in Buranda to accommodate the educational needs of Muslim children. Within a short period, it grew from 27 to 156. Due to this demand from the Muslim community 33 acres of land was purchased in Durack.
  • In 2002, to accommodate the ever-growing need for the Muslim children Imam established the Australian International Islamic College in Durack. In demountable buildings, we started primary and secondary classes. After a few years to accommodate the ever growing number of children AIIC constructed 8 classroom buildings and a multipurpose hall with the assistance of the Australian Government.
    • 2005 demountable
    • 2007 new 8 classroom
    • 2009 multipurpose hall
    • 2010 8 more classrooms
    • 2012 Prep building
    • 2013 library building
    • 2014 Office and administration building
    • 2016 8 classroom building
    • 2018 STEM building

The Honourable Peter Beattie – Premier of Queensland 2003

Achievements at Carrara Gold Coast

  • To meet the needs of the Muslim Community we have purchased 10 acres of land at Carrara, only 7 minutes from Surfers Paradise, famous tourist centre of the Gold Coast, where we have constructed Australian International Islamic College, Gold Coast Campus.
  • The last 10 years, thousands of Muslim children have benefited from this establishment. Our Gold Coast Campus provides Jumah Salaat for the students as well as for the general public, Ramadan Taraweah, Eid Salaat, all are conducted in our schools multipurpose hall, which can accommodate more than 1000 people.